The new standard in Qualitative Cat wands designed and made in Belgium. Tabby Tijger is the first and only manufacturer of Cat wand with 360 days of warranty.

The Cat wand that works for all cats. Promised.

We often hear cats that are "too old" to play, or too lazy, or just too anxious. It does not even matter what breed they are. The Tabby Tijger Cat wand makes old cats feel young again, lazy cats are sporty and we even transform kitties into tigers. 

Fire up the hunting instinct of your cats.

Cats are naturally hunters and are constantly looking for a prey. Thanks to the Tabby Tiger you can mimic nature and make the cat's hunting instinct easy and more efficient. You will notice that soon
playing with your cat becomes a lot more fun.

More than 365 days of careless pleasure. 

You know them, the Cat wands that are broken after 2 play moments. The Tabby Tijger wand guarantees you more than 365 days of fun playing with your cat without breaking or bending. We offer a 365 day worry-free play guarantee on our Cat wand. Register your Cat wand here


Strong, Flexible and Stylish.

The Tabby Tijger 'instinct' wand looks modern and is furthermore ultra light in weight.

The Tabby Tijger 'instinct' wand is the result of long-term collaboration between cat experts and cat behavior experts and is designed to correct problems reported by users with traditional cat wands.


Playing has never been so much fun. 

The most flexible wand on the market today.
and super lightweight.

The more flexible the wand, the more pleasant it is for you to play without having too much effort.
Due to the wide swing, you give the cat the space to focus on the "bird" and jump behind it.


The ultimate solution for each cat.

Cats are hunters by nature.

The hunting instinct is extremely important for their emotional and physical health. With the Tabby Tijger productrange, we offer the ultimate solution for any type of cat.

The Tabby Tijger range motivates your cat and allows you to enjoy every moment you share with your cats.

An innovative wand which is finally
'Cat Proof'.

From now on you determine the rules during the game with your cat.


We bring back the hunt instinct with the Tabby Tijger toys.

Together with the Cat wand there is of course an assortment of toys that can be easily attached. Tabby Tijger provides a wide range of handmade toys that stimulate the cat not just visually, but also experience the natural smell of natural feathers.
The real feathers are manually collected from the ruin period and fully in line according to the Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats since 1982 and the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.


  • Our cat plays a lot and stands at least once a day for the cabinet to meow where the wand is hiden. We are very happy!

    Fenna Hoekstra
  • Our two Norwegian forest cats are big fans of the Tabby Tijger toys. The toys are strong and last for a long time. So far, the best toys we have found!

    Evelien van Veen
  • Yesterday bought and immediately very satisfied. Our Joy is an easy cat to play with, but our Robbe has to convince you more. He is quite anxious; especially about some toys. So we are very happy that we have found something that we can draw over the line from the first second.

    Julie Mues
  • Mickey and Beer leave all other toys aside. The wands is safely stored, but when I come near the closet, Beer is standing next to me in the hope that the wand comes out with prey ...

    Pauline Schuurman

Playtime for the cat, and for yourself ...

By playing with your cat, you build a trust bond and learn to understand your cat better. The Tabby Tijger wand also makes it fun for you to enjoy. A play session of 10 minutes a day  keeps everyone fit.

Where can you buy the Tabby Tijger assortment?

"We make cats happy"

That is our vision. The well-being and fun of happy kittens is our goal, while we also want to enrich the relationship between cat and owner with our products.

We like to work with sales outlets that share our vision. Would you also like to choose Tabby Tijger as a reseller?

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